Saturday, October 18, 2008


yes..ZOMG..Brian is blogging again..
there is still no real things to blog about..i'm kinda past the whole blog about my feelings,bla bla bla..and so have decided to just up load some pictures in the midst of my business and craziness, because i need a timeout from

miss me anyone?haha

here we go!


and eventho she claims that at 19 she's OLD -_-" we all know that Jan and I are waaayy older and hence feel like hope you had a good one and we still owe you a nice dinner outing=)
and also we visited Joshua Yap somewhere this week who had a minor surgery on the torn meniscus on his right leg=)
afew of our LG dropped by to see him!
LOL..the doctor marked his leg with an arrow drawn with a marker pen so that he wont forget which leg to operate on!goodness knows i'd be freaking out and super crazy worried man. But Joshua made it through like a trooper and is now recuperating at home=) keep him in prayer!

ish..on the phone when we came to visit..haha..*nudge*faham faham laaa..

KOOOKIE MONSTERRRR!!~*nyam nyam nyam* lol..we saw this in the hospital cafe..good stuff this hospital has!

artsy fartsy shot of my ugly hand on my steering wheel..

and also the follow up of the last puppy love post..this is.... shows how uber long i have not updated and now he's a BIG boy!and is bigger than seriously bigger.

dunno why i took this thought the green tractor was kool..

conjoined twins!lol..joined at the cheek to head..yes we take shameless pictures of ourselves in hospital wards and with other patients looking.
wei lin fascinated with the sample of the meniscus taken from Josh's right yo...macam C.S.I
oh also Josh had a DVD copy of the operation, goodness knows why they give a copy to the patients, but we'll probably go to Marianne's place to watch it like a horror movie! action horror yo!
thank God for a smooth surgery, we'll be missing him cuz he wont be around in church cuz he has to rest! we'll be paying you a visit reaaall soon!!i smell ampang beef noodles!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Puppy Love!

yes yes, i really have not been updating my blog!haha..isn't that ALWAYS the case?

well here i am, this post is dedicated to a new addition to my family=) and yes as the title of the post....*drum roll* dumdumdum






I'VE GOT A PUPPY!!! his name is Titus and is now 6 weeks old=)

Titus is a german shepherd, just like my current dog , Jess=)

so yeah..a big welcome to Titus!!woot! he has been adjusting quite well with a few hickups here and there but he's doing fine=)haha..okok..till my next post..i'll post a few more pics later!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Thank you for being a friend and a blessing!
Gosh we've known each other for so long!!

and yes, we still do silly things!

and we still try to look good!

lol...I pray that you will continue to learn to grow in God! We've come soo far from last time, and i'm glad that God opened up our eyes to see what matters, and what he has brought us through!
okay trying not to sound tooo gay..haha..but yeah, lets keep on anticipating to see God fulfill what He has envisioned in our hearts!!

Have a Great ONE!